Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Review of Disney TV Shows

Ok ya'll, sorry to interrupt my story (cause I know you're reallllly into it :P ), but when I have a thought, I got to have it out before I forget it. Soooo.... Here you go, and enjoy (I command). :)
 TV shows. Disney ones for tweens especially. Mindless chatter, all of them. Why let your kids watch them? Their morals only go as deep as a kiddie pool, and their characters only focus on either who's the cutest boy or girl, or.... well, who's the cutest boy or girl. 
     Disney's role models only go as deep as their clothes and make-up. Their bathroom humor may seem funny, but it's all about the lack of hygiene of this person, or who farted or burped in front of these other people, and they're humiliated in front of everyone. 
     Disney's morals include, If You're Rich it Makes You Dumb, But it Sure Makes You Famous! And, Don't Pick A Girlfriend Who Looks Pretty, But Smells Like A Pig, And Loves To Belch it Out. Or how about this one? Let's Sneak Out to A Grown-Up Party, Your Parent (notice there's only one) Finds Out And Comes and Gets You, And Only Grounds You For 2 Weeks. From what exactly? We never find out. They still have their cell phones, still are around the same friends during that time, and still are allowed to be on their little dancing show. 
     Now we come to the people themselves. We find young teens who only think of themselves and laugh at everyone else, and parents who only act like they are concerned for their children. But it's the children who end up doing anything they want to. 
     Then They portray parents who aren't even fit to be parents. Parents should be role models for their children. But instead, they go so far as to allow their children to do something immature just because they want to try it out themselves. They are portrayed as little kids with no boundaries because they are "older". 
     And, back to the teens, the "stars" of the show. The boys and girls, for that's what they really are, no matter how old they might look, are just plain pathetic. The guys are brought out as wimps, who can barely lift a 5-pound weight. Their arms are as skinny as chicken legs, they are very short, and, on some of them, their hair could be make into cute little pony tails. 
    The girls can either do anything a guy can do (even may go as far as lifting 6-pound weights!), or act so dumb, they think gullible is written on their forehead. Clearly these immature punks are not good role models for children.
     The kids on these shows show laziness, a lack of respect for their parents, and what big "mistakes" can they make next. If you don't care whether you kids watch these Disney shows, then your funeral. You may not care, but your children sure do. They are the ones watching it, and following these people's example. Just think, if our next generation in America acted like this, Where would America be? An easily captured, mindless, in deeper debt, Selfish America, that's what. You may think one little show wouldn't make much of a difference, but believe me, these shows are influencing your creative children to be mindless jokers. More than you think.
     So, That's all I will say about these TV shows, even though I have a lot more to say. A Lot More. Think about what I've said. It is true and you know it. If you're truly concerned about your child's welfare,  then you might consider the influence of what they watch. 

-- Signing Off (Always wanted to say that),
Rachelle Myers

Friday, December 17, 2010

A living Nightmare! Part 1

Caution: Even though these events are real, the names have been changed for your identity's sake.

Friday, 2010: It was a Tuesday, and I was eating day-old popcorn when I remembered: I was babysitting in the morning! A wave of uncertainty swept over me. My first babysitting job, I thought. I hope nothing goes wrong!  But little did I know, I was to babysit the worst children... In the World!
    It was Wednesday morning. I was getting a little nervous, yet excited because this was my first babysitting job, and it payed the most. I was surprised about how easily the parents agreed to my payment terms, even adding $10! I was ready to go, and the minivan with the mother pulled in. I said a goodbye to my parents, and went out. On the way to their house, the mother told me certain things about her little girl and boy. "When they do something bad, just try to send them to a corner in time-out time for a minute, that is, if you are able to." And, "If they're hungry, you might want to get them some food, as fast as you can." And other things like that. I thought nothing of those strange comments then, but I see why she said those things... now.

 I arrived at the house. The mother just dropped me off and said she'd be back at 12:00 without going inside. I saw why when I went inside, it was total chaos! I arrived in the kitchen first from the garage door and I panned the mess with my eyes. Apparently everything was taken out of the cabinets, and dumped all over the floor. Then everything was taken out of the fridge and freezer, and the counter tops, plus toys and food splashed everywhere. I frantically looked around, looking for the main problem of the mess. Then I saw them, a little girl and a little boy, both on top of the table, holding a blender in their hands, and just about to drop it to the floor below. Grins of satisfaction were upon their smug little messy faces.

    I cried out and immediately started running through the obstacle course to get to them before they dropped the glass blender. I was just about to reach them! ...When I slipped on a yogurt cup and some deli meat and fell flat on my face just when they dropped it. It was too late. Glass was everywhere. And there were the children giggling at their own creation, and at me.

   I stared aghast at this insanity. And I started to get mad. But I had to control it, I had just met them.
"Let's clean up this mess," I said.
They gave an absolute, "No!" and ran off.
I sighed. And walked after them. I knew running after them would make them think it was a game, so I walked as slowly as I could. I caught up to them, and firmly seized their wrists. They seemed a little surprised at my firmness, and obediently followed me.
"Now," I said. "We will clean up this mess until it's finished. Right?"
"Ok." they mumbled.
I turned around to get some towels, and start cleaning up, when I felt something splat right on my head....

Come Back Soon For The Second Part! (gasp)
I know, I know, you're just hangin' by your toes. But I won't take too long, hopefully, and maybe your little toesies will be saved.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My trip to Washington DC, PART 2!

Okay, as you all know, we attended the IMAX 3D Hubble. Afterwards we walked around the Air and Space Smithsonian museum. It was pretty cool, I'll have to say. I never have been to a Smithsonian before. There were lots of planes hung up, and on the ground.

After the museum, we kept on walking.
I don't remember what this was :)
And here. Is the Capitol from the distance!

And on we walked...
The castle Smithsonian museum
The Lincoln memorial from a distance
These were random signs that people ditched from a protest. Very interesting. The protest was going on all day.

And finally, the White house. Lots of people were in front of it, getting lots of pictures. Like us. :) 
And this was a soldier camp type place. It was for some regiments to house during a war. Pretty isn't it?

And this, was some plate we found on a building. I thought it was hilarious enough to post this. Of course, I would never post something if it weren't good enough for you! :)

So, that's mostly the end of it. After touring we went to the house where we were staying. I had tons of fun, especially since there were several girls around my age there! I laughed.... a lot. Since I was so nice to you all to post this, I will now abruptly end.
P.S. Sorry for not posting earlier. I do have a life ya know. :) It can get hard keeping up with everything. As I'm sure you all know. Ok! bye.
P.P.S. Click on the blue letters for some funny pictures that sorta shows you something about what you clicked on, if you want.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My trip to Washington DC Part 1

My trip to Washington DC was more fun than I imagined. My sister and I started out tired and early (about 5:30) on the morning of October 2nd, 2010. After 1 hour in a car, and 1 hour inside the airport, we finally got onto the plane! Since it was my first time on the plane, I was a little nervous how it would be. But it turned out fine! Besides it being really loud, and your ears popping every time you opened your mouth from the pressure, it wasn't too bad. After we landed, and got our bags, my sister's boyfriend met up with us, and took us on a grand tour of DC! We walked everywhere.
 My sister's boyfriend (I'll call him Al from now on), or Al, works around DC, and has been there several times. So we began our tour after traveling in a train for a long-ish time. 
This is a Chinese Pagoda. Purtay cool right?
First we started out in Chinatown. 

Then walked on toward the National archives, passing the Art museum on the way.  

We passed several sites
The International Spy Museum, very cool! :)
Random cool looking type place
Another random cool looking place... with Pillars!
The capitol from a distance
On the way, we walked into an art garden. With lots of random "art". :)
I have no idea what this is
Some huge spider
And they payed How much for this?!
 And then, we finally reached the National Archives. It was wonderful. I got to the the original Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and even the Magna Carta! It's amazing how just some paper and ink can make up a nation. 
My sister and "Al" walking into the National Archives :)
I think this is a letter from George Washington, or some such national hero. :)
We then walked on into the Air and Space Smithsonian museum. I have never been inside a Smithsonian, so it was pretty cool.  First we went to the IMAX showing of Hubble 3D, it was amazing, of course! 
A cool picture of "Art" going inside the Air and Space
All of us inside the IMAX theater, having fun! :)
So, I don't have much room, and I don't really want to make this such a huge post, so I will cut it short. :) You will have to come back soon to get the next part! (Oh no! you cry, Why did she have to do that??) Because I'm heartless, that's why.  (*evil laugh*)   Ok bye!

P.S. click on the blue words in this post, to view some funny pictures. (they represent the word you clicked on) So, do it!
P.P.S. Byeee!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Washington DC, Here I come! And Another Blog to Read

Tomorrow I am leaving for Washington DC. And you know what the most exciting part is?? I'll be traveling there by plane! :) I have never traveled anywhere by plane, so this will be a new experience. And of course, I've never been to Washington DC before either.
I intended to go to the beach the first time I traveled by plane, but since that isn't happening, I think Washington DC is a good substitute. Have you ever gone there? I will be taken on a tour by a friend of all of Washington. I hope to see at least some of the great landmarks.
I might have some stories and pictures when I come back. How about you all share a story or some pictures too? Just comment if you want. :)

    Also, I wanted you all to know. My brother has a blog! Most of you probably already know, and I meant to post about it sooner, but now I finally am. :)  He is almost as funny as I am, but not quite. Enjoy his blog here:  http://wesleymm.blogspot.com/ .

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Scissor's story-stories from an 8 year old

This is a story that I wrote when I was about 8 years old. I will not change the spelling or change how I wrote it then. enjoy! :)

The Scissor's story
                           Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. One time she took some
scissors from her school. She put it in her shirt pochet.
She did not like Church. She would close her ear's and eyes!
One time she moved far away and She wanted to take the scissors back,
but she could'nt.
One time an Evangelist came to the church, and he said: God know's
Where ever you are, and What you're doing,
and if you want to get saved come to the alter and get saved. many came and
she was one of them.
So God forgave r sin's, even the scissors.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Seasons Poems

This is the original. Nothing has been changed
1st of the Seasons Poem:

the Spring Poem
In the days of Sunshine
When the grass flows underyou.
Swaying back and forth.
When flowers are blooming.
and when the Sun is hot on my back.
I run in the hot spring day
feelling the hotness under my foot.
runing and playing in the
hot spring day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poems from an 8 year old

I have decided to blog my old poems from when I was about eight. Hope you enjoy them! Oh, and btw, none of the spelling has changed. I have kept the poems I wrote exactly the way they were written. :) the "i" in "prase" was added later.

a Poem of Praise
When ever I would hear you. Oh my God. 
I would prase thee all my days. 
if I ever sin against thee.
please forgive me oh God.
in my Song of prase I would sing all my prases to thee
oh God.

Rachelle age 8
Sunday 2/29/04 feb.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This, for a change, is older brother Wes. When Rachelle left to either be stuck helping my mom do grocery shopping, or using that as an excuse to drop by the mall to look at and try on "cute" shoes, I found that she left her gmail account logged on, and decided to go for it. So in between my dreadfully heavy schedule, I managed to slip in a couple of words without her noticing. Hopefully.

First days of school have come. TV ads joyfully celebrate this dreaded occasion. Newspaper ad inserts go crazy over what they think is a big opportunity for them, touting such mad phrases as "Mattress World: your back to school headquarters!" and "go back to school on an egg!". Such joyfulness is expected to be passed on to the consumers, which actually consist of highly-annoyed-at-stupid-back-to-school-ads moms who are in any mood other than those happy-go-lucky moody mothers depicted in cheesy advertising campaigns. And I doubt that the child is half as excited as the mother, unless you're a total school freak, aka "show-off" aka "one-upper", and pretty much aka "loser".

Nonetheless, though our desire to avoid school at all costs is more rampant than ever, it is practically stuffed down our throats. Many people go into the school year saying "well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". But by the end of the semester they end up saying "and then the lemonade becomes bitter and hard and turns to pigswill". This however, is only the first semester. The terrible feeling that accompanies the second semester is likened to one who has drunk this terrible disaster of a drink called "lemonade" that they first concocted when the school year started, after the lemons were thrown at them.

Surprised and completely unprepared teachers come, seemingly in a daze. This is apparent by some of the assignments given at the beginning of the semester, including writing essays on "what I didn't do over the summer". Wow. What a question. For the overachievers, the answer would be "I didn't sit around all summer watching TV, posting facebook updates, playing video games, and drinking something that gave me tongue hives". For the lazy, the answer could be "I didn't become a teacher suck-up by overachieving my tush all summer with no time for fun." And for the adventurous, the answer could be "I didn't discover that if you mix clorox and brake fluid it will make a lot of smoke. At the same time, I didn't discover that it takes the local fire department four minutes and thirty-nine seconds to get to our house. But don't take my word for it."

Which brings me to an interesting question: what didn't you do this summer? Whether it's not getting to go to the beach, or not testing what appeared to be fuzzy chocolate cheesecake on steroids, I still want to know. Leave a comment, and describe in as many as three sentences what you didn't do this summer. And if you happen to be an overachiever, then don't let what I said earlier get to you, us normal people are probably just jealous.


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair,
So Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't so Fuzzy,
Was he?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

self defense with Hayden

Don't you just hate it when you're going about your daily lives and suddenly a southern equatorial Guinean nomad samurai warrior comes and tries to give you a noogie? Well do I have a solution for you! I don't have experience with karate, thanks to elders who restrained me from further lessons after the first week for unrealistic reasons such as '' karate chopping every vase, and side wind kicking all the cups of the table" which is totally not true....kinda... ish... maybe... Anyway, lets start with hands. Forget all that duck weave and karate chop mumbo jumbo, just pretend that your imaginary friend Bob, or Fred or Tom or Dexter or Snookums and his dragon are waving nonfat low cholesterol African water buffalo milk yogurt (which you're allergic to) and you're trying to karate chop and windmill punch the yogurt cup out of the million handed dragon. Now, for the feet. Well...just act like there are some mutant slobbering frogs crawling up and down your legs. 
And then for the face. Act like you're putting your nose drops in your eyes (it gives you that macho look as if you know their inner intellectual being) and you will have mastered the technique. And thats all for Self Defense with Hayden.  (P.S the same technique can be used for Kazakhstanian nomads) ( P.P.S i haven't tried it before but i'm pretty sure it works.) (P.P.P.S i have always wanted to try it.) 

--Reporting live from the school room, this is Rachelle. 
Remember (says Hayden), non-fat, low cholesterol, African water buffalo milk yogurt, is your worst enemy! 

Friday, July 30, 2010


One day, the flower fell to thinking how he could turn this field of thorns and weeds, to a field of beautiful flowers. He thought long and hard, but could find no solution. But, after thinking, and thinking, he finally remembered his children. The only way his children could live,was for him to die, or they would die also. And, finding no other solution, he slowly wilted, shedding his pods where his children were, as if he were crying. Yet, he never forgot how he was saving his children, and smiled. The flower had smiled his last smile. But all was not lost. The pods containing his children broke, and the seeds spilled out, and settled into the dirt.  Slowly, they took root, and grew,shining bright, because they knew what their Father had done for them. And throughout time, and thorny field slowly turned to a field full of flowers. All were flowers, yet each were different in their own way. Though each one had its own battle to do with the thorns trying to choke them out. A large oak tree then grew in the middle of the field, shading the flowers at times when the sun was hot, and protecting them from the elements of time. Much like a Father does when protecting His children.  

Once Upon a time, there lived a flower amongst a field of weeds and thorns. It was the only true flower, and a beautiful one it certainly was. With delicate white petals, red edging, and a gold center. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A video I just Have to post

This video has been what you can call, all the craze in our family. Our family enjoys weird, random, funny movies. And this one has got to be in the top 10 in that category. It may seem disgusting (if you're the type to get disgusted), at times, but in a big family with guys, you learn to not mind that kind of stuff. ;) Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdR2T6YKAUc  .  Enjoy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A day in the life

For those who don't live in a wonderfully large family, you will now find out what it's sorta like. :) 

8:30- Mom woke me up to make breakfast... Some of you may like to make breakfast, but if you have to make breakfast for six hungry men, plus the women, all by yourself, you will soon decide that making breakfast is for those who are overachievers. And then you decide that you're not one. So you decide to just make the easiest breakfast possible, and don't overwork yourself. Save your energy for the better things in life!
9:30- Took a shower. Even though I was supposed to do dishes first. But since my mom took liberties to cut my brothers' hair (Quentin), I decided that the haircutting boutique was in the way of kitchen possibilities, and took a shower first.
10:00- Did dishes in blazing fast speed... almost. 
11:00- Practiced piano, the first time since Thursday. But don't tell my parents that. 
1:52- Mom tells me to help her with the "school" room. I know better not to go against her wishes. Even though the room is drowning in junk of ages past and present.
12:36- Succeeds in clearing the table, mostly.
12:37- Makes a sandwich quick! I'm hungry.
12:39-Succeeds in downing the sandwich. Now what else is there to eat?
12:45- Goes downstairs to the computer, what i did is non of your business, and is probably boring anyways. But if you must know, I got on there to play Halo: Combat Evolved (gasps from around me). What? It's only the trial version! (I say defensively) Anyways, I only played for a little bit.
5:00- Gets off Halo, and starts... Just Kidding! haha! I seriously didn't play Halo for that long. :P
1:22- Is going to the dentist, but mom can't find her keys... of course. We're doomed! luckily, my brothers drive up and give Mom her keys. We're saved! 
1:33- Gets in to the dentist and gets some painful work done on some of my cavities. :-/ 
3:28- Mom drives around crazily, and finally remembers that we need vitamin C at the GNC store that we just passed.  Can't feel half my lip or half my tongue.
4:39- Finally starts to make bread that we've been needing for several days. And don't think I'm lucky to be able to make bread. When you have to make six loafs in a process of a WHOLE hour (not including baking time), Every week (mostly), then you may not think I'm lucky any more. I think.
5:37- Cleans up after myself (aren't I perfect??) and listens to some music, but decides that my head is too tired to process this beautiful music, and pretty much turns it off. mostly. 
6:56- Starts helping mom make dinner. sorta. 
8:13- Waits for the boys to get back home since my teeth and jaw are aching, so i want Wesley to make me a smoothie, since he makes them the best. So i play Halo while I wait. and then I get my really good smoothie, and slurps it down. Cuz It's REAL good! 
9:41- And now I'm here. Typing this for you because I'm a little bored. And there's nothing else I can post on here. soooooo, I'm tired....
9:42- being bored, and typing. Ok, welllll I think thats it for today. enjoy this to the utmost, or your doom will Surely come Upon You!! Maybe. 

P.S. Never trust a boy to clean up the bathroom.... 'Nuff said...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Friday Night Concert, With Problems...

 Friday was both hectic, yet fun. My cousin came over, for a sort of sleepover with just us two. That's about how far I get to a sleepover party. But, to get her here was the part we needed to figure out. After much deliberation, and thoughts that we might have to cancel our sleepover (much to my chagrin), we finally figured out the only way to get her here. She would have to go to a classical music concert. She lives about 45 min. away from us, so it's sorta hard to get my cousin over. Some of my family and a friend were going to a concert in Indianapolis. They would be able to pick Sarah up, and go to the concert. She agreed, and we had a pretty fun time, with Beautiful violin music. The best player was in the second half, Augustin Hadelich, who has a CD called Flying Solo. You should look him up, he has a VERY amazing story. Before the concert we had some pictures in the Indy downtown circle. These are one of the pictures. And since I haven't uploaded a picture of myself yet, I'm on the very right, looking a little umm... weird... ;)  My cousin (Sarah) is right next to me, and those are my two sisters. Anyways, we had some fun. But the Real "fun" was just to come. We starting to drive home, still in Indianapolis, and our car started to overheat. So my brother drove into the nearest parking lot to put some fluid in, to cool it down. Then, my cousin made the observation that, we were in a Jail parking lot! My brother had to wait for the car to cool down before putting fluid in, so we waited. Then, a group of guys walked out of the jail. My brother, thinking they might be workers, told us to close the doors of the car and stay down to be safe anyways. One of the guys of the group came over to my brother (Garrett) and asked him for a phone. He told him that "he and his buddies just got out" of jail, and he needed to borrow "a phone to call his mom". Garrett just asked him if he couldn't just borrow the restaurants phone across the street, they would let him. But the guy insisted, and Garrett wouldn't let him have his phone. Finally the guy walked off cussing. Garrett finished up, and we finally got out of there. As we were driving away, we saw the guy's buddies in the police office on the phone. We were pretty sure that guy was up to no good. We finally got home at about 1:00 am with problems on the way of the other car with my sister and friend in it having car problems and us have to stop about every 500 ft. to charge their battery. We finally just got home. But even though Sarah and I were exhausted, we still got a few giggles in, and had a Most wonderful time the next day. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Good Idea, or something else? -A partly true story- Part 3

When I had gone down, I felt around and found, to my surprise, a box of matches! Immediately figuring that the matches were down here for a reason, I felt around some more and found a torch of some sort. I lit it, and looked around. It was a dirt tunnel, that didn't seem to lead that far. Though it did turn to the right further up. I then heard my brothers' evil cohorts tromping around above me in the shed, so I instantly decided to walk on before they would find me down here. I had turned the corner when suddenly I heard some shouts from the shed! I figured that they had probably found the trap door, so I told myself to run. And run I did! I found out that my theory was true from the shouts I heard behind me. It wasn't long until they had discovered that I was ahead, and readily spurted their plastic BB's at me. But to no avail. For I was running in a zigzag formation, and they would get no straight target from me! I ran on until the tunnel suddenly turned to the left. I followed it, but I at once smashed into a thick dirt wall. I frantically looked around, but there was no escape! I sighed, knowing my doom and turned around to await my "death", while plunking a blueberry jellybean into my mouth. But, then I heard a voice, calling my name. And suddenly, I started to shake as if there was an earthquake. The voice called my name again, and then, I opened my eyes. It was my brother shaking me awake! He asked my if I wanted to play airsoft with him. I told him no, and he left. I was back on my bed, with my math book on my lap. I smiled, and popped a jellybean into my mouth. THE END! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Good Wheeze Gone Good-A Partly True Story- Part 2

Part 2: I hear yells of play outside, and immediately think, could this be my once in a lifetime chance for revenge?. I load my pistol to its max, fill my pockets with the rest of the jelly beans, and creep down the stairs and out the door. I slink into the bushes unnoticed, and watch for my predestined prey to walk unexpectedly in front of my plastic barrel. With my BB gun cocked and ready to go, a bird suddenly shot out of the bush, pulling a surprised yell out of me. "MOMMY!!" Just then, my intended prey walked into view and saw me, knowing nothing else that I could do, I quickly plonked him on the shoulder with a plastic pellet and ran off. The guy (who smelled incredibly of beef and cheese) quickly yelled to the whole neighborhood, letting everyone know that I was on the run, and that I had plunked him! I quickly ran to a field, with my brothers horde hot on my heels. I zigzagged so they wouldn't be able to shoot me, though they still tried. Finding nowhere else to hide in the flat field, I went into a shed that was close by. Unfortunately, one of the evil horde had seen me. I looked wildly about for some place to hide. Finding some boxes in the back of the shed, I quickly stumbled behind them, but wait. The floor was sounded hollow, and why was there a little hole in the floor? I quickly figured it out. It was a trap door! Frantically, I raised it and found steps leading down into darkness. Quickly closing the trap door behind me, I popped a jelly bean into my mouth, and walked down into the unknown.
-- What will I find down there? Come back tomorrow (or the day after) for part 3!
Based on a partly true story in the Rachelle's Revenge! series.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Super Wheeze Gone Bad, Maybe- A partly true story-Part 1

April 23, 2010: I was on my bed doing math, and eating jelly beans left over from Easter, when I heard from my window, the start of a BB gun war. That's when I got The super wheeze of the week. Why not open my window next to my bed, get a BB gun, and pop anyone that comes by? (You must know, that BB guns just shoot little plastic pellets, and only could harm you if you shot in the eye. But it is a rule in our house to ALWAYS wear glasses when playing with these "guns"). I immediately acted upon my thought. I snooped to my brother's room to "borrow" a BB gun from a drawer in his dresser. He had lots of guns, he wouldn't miss his smallest pistol. I pulled open his "gun" drawer and looked through. I found a couple of broken BB guns, a large one, and finally found what I was looking for. A small cheap pistol, but one that could do the job. I snooped back into my room, opened the window and pulled back the screen, popped a jelly bean into my mouth, and waited for my intended targets to come. While I waited, I thought of the satisfaction of a little surprised yell that would come of my popping them, and grinned wickedly. And so I waited. And waited. And waited. And no one came. After a while, I dejectedly hopped up onto the top bunk of my bed, where I was doing math, and kept on doing math, like a good little girl, with my BB gun at my side, of course. I sighed, thinking my super wheeze had gone bad. But wait! I heard shouts outside, maybe I will have my revenge, yet!
--Come back tomorrow (or maybe the day after), to see if I will get to have my final Revenge!!
Based on a partly true story of the: Rachelle's Revenge! series.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All alone-ish

Today, I'm alone. Well, not exactly. I'm just the only girl at home. Which means that there's only one me to manage five men. That's right. You sincerely read that right. Maybe. Anyways, I'm all alone because my Mom and oldest sister are in Chicago till Saturday. And my other sister has her own apartment far, far, far, far, far..... well you get the picture. So now I have to plan dinners for two more nights for five hungry (I mean Seriously hungry) men. Any idea's for a nice short dinner to make? Tonight I made Baked Spaghetti. It was pretty good, I do say so myself. And right now, I am typing this, for your happiness. And for mine. I am now getting to bed, cause I. Am. Tired! (I say in a very confident, but tired voice) Goodnight one and all, and a good night to you.

P.S. Just so you know, a hungry man, is an angry man.

Welcome to the mind of a seventh born

Hello peoples! This blog is be about me, Rachelle (of course), but that is already starting to sound boring, so I am going to also tell you about what goes on in my family of 10 people. Randomness is my second language, so don't think i'm weird if I change subjects a lot. :) Welcome, and enJOY! Also, before you look on and read more posts (or whatever), lets first get my name straight. It's pronouced Ra-shell. Not Rachel. Or Machelle. I know it MIGHT be a little hard for you remember, but it's French. That's why it's hard to pronounce. So I will be probably posting something about twice a week (?). Also keep up to date of some of the random pics I will put up of my family, in all of their funness, for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

P.S. And by the way, if you happen to have brothers, and you happen to hear the toilet flush followed with the words "Uh oh", then don't bother. It's probably too late.