Friday, November 12, 2010

My trip to Washington DC, PART 2!

Okay, as you all know, we attended the IMAX 3D Hubble. Afterwards we walked around the Air and Space Smithsonian museum. It was pretty cool, I'll have to say. I never have been to a Smithsonian before. There were lots of planes hung up, and on the ground.

After the museum, we kept on walking.
I don't remember what this was :)
And here. Is the Capitol from the distance!

And on we walked...
The castle Smithsonian museum
The Lincoln memorial from a distance
These were random signs that people ditched from a protest. Very interesting. The protest was going on all day.

And finally, the White house. Lots of people were in front of it, getting lots of pictures. Like us. :) 
And this was a soldier camp type place. It was for some regiments to house during a war. Pretty isn't it?

And this, was some plate we found on a building. I thought it was hilarious enough to post this. Of course, I would never post something if it weren't good enough for you! :)

So, that's mostly the end of it. After touring we went to the house where we were staying. I had tons of fun, especially since there were several girls around my age there! I laughed.... a lot. Since I was so nice to you all to post this, I will now abruptly end.
P.S. Sorry for not posting earlier. I do have a life ya know. :) It can get hard keeping up with everything. As I'm sure you all know. Ok! bye.
P.P.S. Click on the blue letters for some funny pictures that sorta shows you something about what you clicked on, if you want.

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