Friday, October 1, 2010

Washington DC, Here I come! And Another Blog to Read

Tomorrow I am leaving for Washington DC. And you know what the most exciting part is?? I'll be traveling there by plane! :) I have never traveled anywhere by plane, so this will be a new experience. And of course, I've never been to Washington DC before either.
I intended to go to the beach the first time I traveled by plane, but since that isn't happening, I think Washington DC is a good substitute. Have you ever gone there? I will be taken on a tour by a friend of all of Washington. I hope to see at least some of the great landmarks.
I might have some stories and pictures when I come back. How about you all share a story or some pictures too? Just comment if you want. :)

    Also, I wanted you all to know. My brother has a blog! Most of you probably already know, and I meant to post about it sooner, but now I finally am. :)  He is almost as funny as I am, but not quite. Enjoy his blog here: .

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Alex Mansfield said...

It was great having you in DC!! Everybody had fun meeting you. Maybe next time we can do the 2.5 hour road trip to the Ocean and check that off your list ;)

I could tell you a great travel story from last weekend, but it might ruin your next blog post. So I'll be good. :D

Have a great day!