Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Review of Disney TV Shows

Ok ya'll, sorry to interrupt my story (cause I know you're reallllly into it :P ), but when I have a thought, I got to have it out before I forget it. Soooo.... Here you go, and enjoy (I command). :)
 TV shows. Disney ones for tweens especially. Mindless chatter, all of them. Why let your kids watch them? Their morals only go as deep as a kiddie pool, and their characters only focus on either who's the cutest boy or girl, or.... well, who's the cutest boy or girl. 
     Disney's role models only go as deep as their clothes and make-up. Their bathroom humor may seem funny, but it's all about the lack of hygiene of this person, or who farted or burped in front of these other people, and they're humiliated in front of everyone. 
     Disney's morals include, If You're Rich it Makes You Dumb, But it Sure Makes You Famous! And, Don't Pick A Girlfriend Who Looks Pretty, But Smells Like A Pig, And Loves To Belch it Out. Or how about this one? Let's Sneak Out to A Grown-Up Party, Your Parent (notice there's only one) Finds Out And Comes and Gets You, And Only Grounds You For 2 Weeks. From what exactly? We never find out. They still have their cell phones, still are around the same friends during that time, and still are allowed to be on their little dancing show. 
     Now we come to the people themselves. We find young teens who only think of themselves and laugh at everyone else, and parents who only act like they are concerned for their children. But it's the children who end up doing anything they want to. 
     Then They portray parents who aren't even fit to be parents. Parents should be role models for their children. But instead, they go so far as to allow their children to do something immature just because they want to try it out themselves. They are portrayed as little kids with no boundaries because they are "older". 
     And, back to the teens, the "stars" of the show. The boys and girls, for that's what they really are, no matter how old they might look, are just plain pathetic. The guys are brought out as wimps, who can barely lift a 5-pound weight. Their arms are as skinny as chicken legs, they are very short, and, on some of them, their hair could be make into cute little pony tails. 
    The girls can either do anything a guy can do (even may go as far as lifting 6-pound weights!), or act so dumb, they think gullible is written on their forehead. Clearly these immature punks are not good role models for children.
     The kids on these shows show laziness, a lack of respect for their parents, and what big "mistakes" can they make next. If you don't care whether you kids watch these Disney shows, then your funeral. You may not care, but your children sure do. They are the ones watching it, and following these people's example. Just think, if our next generation in America acted like this, Where would America be? An easily captured, mindless, in deeper debt, Selfish America, that's what. You may think one little show wouldn't make much of a difference, but believe me, these shows are influencing your creative children to be mindless jokers. More than you think.
     So, That's all I will say about these TV shows, even though I have a lot more to say. A Lot More. Think about what I've said. It is true and you know it. If you're truly concerned about your child's welfare,  then you might consider the influence of what they watch. 

-- Signing Off (Always wanted to say that),
Rachelle Myers

Friday, December 17, 2010

A living Nightmare! Part 1

Caution: Even though these events are real, the names have been changed for your identity's sake.

Friday, 2010: It was a Tuesday, and I was eating day-old popcorn when I remembered: I was babysitting in the morning! A wave of uncertainty swept over me. My first babysitting job, I thought. I hope nothing goes wrong!  But little did I know, I was to babysit the worst children... In the World!
    It was Wednesday morning. I was getting a little nervous, yet excited because this was my first babysitting job, and it payed the most. I was surprised about how easily the parents agreed to my payment terms, even adding $10! I was ready to go, and the minivan with the mother pulled in. I said a goodbye to my parents, and went out. On the way to their house, the mother told me certain things about her little girl and boy. "When they do something bad, just try to send them to a corner in time-out time for a minute, that is, if you are able to." And, "If they're hungry, you might want to get them some food, as fast as you can." And other things like that. I thought nothing of those strange comments then, but I see why she said those things... now.

 I arrived at the house. The mother just dropped me off and said she'd be back at 12:00 without going inside. I saw why when I went inside, it was total chaos! I arrived in the kitchen first from the garage door and I panned the mess with my eyes. Apparently everything was taken out of the cabinets, and dumped all over the floor. Then everything was taken out of the fridge and freezer, and the counter tops, plus toys and food splashed everywhere. I frantically looked around, looking for the main problem of the mess. Then I saw them, a little girl and a little boy, both on top of the table, holding a blender in their hands, and just about to drop it to the floor below. Grins of satisfaction were upon their smug little messy faces.

    I cried out and immediately started running through the obstacle course to get to them before they dropped the glass blender. I was just about to reach them! ...When I slipped on a yogurt cup and some deli meat and fell flat on my face just when they dropped it. It was too late. Glass was everywhere. And there were the children giggling at their own creation, and at me.

   I stared aghast at this insanity. And I started to get mad. But I had to control it, I had just met them.
"Let's clean up this mess," I said.
They gave an absolute, "No!" and ran off.
I sighed. And walked after them. I knew running after them would make them think it was a game, so I walked as slowly as I could. I caught up to them, and firmly seized their wrists. They seemed a little surprised at my firmness, and obediently followed me.
"Now," I said. "We will clean up this mess until it's finished. Right?"
"Ok." they mumbled.
I turned around to get some towels, and start cleaning up, when I felt something splat right on my head....

Come Back Soon For The Second Part! (gasp)
I know, I know, you're just hangin' by your toes. But I won't take too long, hopefully, and maybe your little toesies will be saved.