Monday, June 21, 2010

A day in the life

For those who don't live in a wonderfully large family, you will now find out what it's sorta like. :) 

8:30- Mom woke me up to make breakfast... Some of you may like to make breakfast, but if you have to make breakfast for six hungry men, plus the women, all by yourself, you will soon decide that making breakfast is for those who are overachievers. And then you decide that you're not one. So you decide to just make the easiest breakfast possible, and don't overwork yourself. Save your energy for the better things in life!
9:30- Took a shower. Even though I was supposed to do dishes first. But since my mom took liberties to cut my brothers' hair (Quentin), I decided that the haircutting boutique was in the way of kitchen possibilities, and took a shower first.
10:00- Did dishes in blazing fast speed... almost. 
11:00- Practiced piano, the first time since Thursday. But don't tell my parents that. 
1:52- Mom tells me to help her with the "school" room. I know better not to go against her wishes. Even though the room is drowning in junk of ages past and present.
12:36- Succeeds in clearing the table, mostly.
12:37- Makes a sandwich quick! I'm hungry.
12:39-Succeeds in downing the sandwich. Now what else is there to eat?
12:45- Goes downstairs to the computer, what i did is non of your business, and is probably boring anyways. But if you must know, I got on there to play Halo: Combat Evolved (gasps from around me). What? It's only the trial version! (I say defensively) Anyways, I only played for a little bit.
5:00- Gets off Halo, and starts... Just Kidding! haha! I seriously didn't play Halo for that long. :P
1:22- Is going to the dentist, but mom can't find her keys... of course. We're doomed! luckily, my brothers drive up and give Mom her keys. We're saved! 
1:33- Gets in to the dentist and gets some painful work done on some of my cavities. :-/ 
3:28- Mom drives around crazily, and finally remembers that we need vitamin C at the GNC store that we just passed.  Can't feel half my lip or half my tongue.
4:39- Finally starts to make bread that we've been needing for several days. And don't think I'm lucky to be able to make bread. When you have to make six loafs in a process of a WHOLE hour (not including baking time), Every week (mostly), then you may not think I'm lucky any more. I think.
5:37- Cleans up after myself (aren't I perfect??) and listens to some music, but decides that my head is too tired to process this beautiful music, and pretty much turns it off. mostly. 
6:56- Starts helping mom make dinner. sorta. 
8:13- Waits for the boys to get back home since my teeth and jaw are aching, so i want Wesley to make me a smoothie, since he makes them the best. So i play Halo while I wait. and then I get my really good smoothie, and slurps it down. Cuz It's REAL good! 
9:41- And now I'm here. Typing this for you because I'm a little bored. And there's nothing else I can post on here. soooooo, I'm tired....
9:42- being bored, and typing. Ok, welllll I think thats it for today. enjoy this to the utmost, or your doom will Surely come Upon You!! Maybe. 

P.S. Never trust a boy to clean up the bathroom.... 'Nuff said...


The Blonde said...

Ooooh! I'm telling mom about the practicing!! ;)
And FYI, Alex and I totally cleaned that room just a few short months ago, so it is NOT drowning in stuff from ages ago ;)

Just think....if we hadn't done that, it'd be WORSE!!

7th said...

uhhh... obviously you haven't seen the house lately. Not that i'd want you to. Though it would be nice for you and Alex to do it again. It's Worser than when you last cleaned it! :)