Friday, July 30, 2010


One day, the flower fell to thinking how he could turn this field of thorns and weeds, to a field of beautiful flowers. He thought long and hard, but could find no solution. But, after thinking, and thinking, he finally remembered his children. The only way his children could live,was for him to die, or they would die also. And, finding no other solution, he slowly wilted, shedding his pods where his children were, as if he were crying. Yet, he never forgot how he was saving his children, and smiled. The flower had smiled his last smile. But all was not lost. The pods containing his children broke, and the seeds spilled out, and settled into the dirt.  Slowly, they took root, and grew,shining bright, because they knew what their Father had done for them. And throughout time, and thorny field slowly turned to a field full of flowers. All were flowers, yet each were different in their own way. Though each one had its own battle to do with the thorns trying to choke them out. A large oak tree then grew in the middle of the field, shading the flowers at times when the sun was hot, and protecting them from the elements of time. Much like a Father does when protecting His children.  

Once Upon a time, there lived a flower amongst a field of weeds and thorns. It was the only true flower, and a beautiful one it certainly was. With delicate white petals, red edging, and a gold center. 

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georgianadarcy16 said...

This is beautiful. You definitely have a way with words. :)