Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Good Wheeze Gone Good-A Partly True Story- Part 2

Part 2: I hear yells of play outside, and immediately think, could this be my once in a lifetime chance for revenge?. I load my pistol to its max, fill my pockets with the rest of the jelly beans, and creep down the stairs and out the door. I slink into the bushes unnoticed, and watch for my predestined prey to walk unexpectedly in front of my plastic barrel. With my BB gun cocked and ready to go, a bird suddenly shot out of the bush, pulling a surprised yell out of me. "MOMMY!!" Just then, my intended prey walked into view and saw me, knowing nothing else that I could do, I quickly plonked him on the shoulder with a plastic pellet and ran off. The guy (who smelled incredibly of beef and cheese) quickly yelled to the whole neighborhood, letting everyone know that I was on the run, and that I had plunked him! I quickly ran to a field, with my brothers horde hot on my heels. I zigzagged so they wouldn't be able to shoot me, though they still tried. Finding nowhere else to hide in the flat field, I went into a shed that was close by. Unfortunately, one of the evil horde had seen me. I looked wildly about for some place to hide. Finding some boxes in the back of the shed, I quickly stumbled behind them, but wait. The floor was sounded hollow, and why was there a little hole in the floor? I quickly figured it out. It was a trap door! Frantically, I raised it and found steps leading down into darkness. Quickly closing the trap door behind me, I popped a jelly bean into my mouth, and walked down into the unknown.
-- What will I find down there? Come back tomorrow (or the day after) for part 3!
Based on a partly true story in the Rachelle's Revenge! series.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Super Wheeze Gone Bad, Maybe- A partly true story-Part 1

April 23, 2010: I was on my bed doing math, and eating jelly beans left over from Easter, when I heard from my window, the start of a BB gun war. That's when I got The super wheeze of the week. Why not open my window next to my bed, get a BB gun, and pop anyone that comes by? (You must know, that BB guns just shoot little plastic pellets, and only could harm you if you shot in the eye. But it is a rule in our house to ALWAYS wear glasses when playing with these "guns"). I immediately acted upon my thought. I snooped to my brother's room to "borrow" a BB gun from a drawer in his dresser. He had lots of guns, he wouldn't miss his smallest pistol. I pulled open his "gun" drawer and looked through. I found a couple of broken BB guns, a large one, and finally found what I was looking for. A small cheap pistol, but one that could do the job. I snooped back into my room, opened the window and pulled back the screen, popped a jelly bean into my mouth, and waited for my intended targets to come. While I waited, I thought of the satisfaction of a little surprised yell that would come of my popping them, and grinned wickedly. And so I waited. And waited. And waited. And no one came. After a while, I dejectedly hopped up onto the top bunk of my bed, where I was doing math, and kept on doing math, like a good little girl, with my BB gun at my side, of course. I sighed, thinking my super wheeze had gone bad. But wait! I heard shouts outside, maybe I will have my revenge, yet!
--Come back tomorrow (or maybe the day after), to see if I will get to have my final Revenge!!
Based on a partly true story of the: Rachelle's Revenge! series.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All alone-ish

Today, I'm alone. Well, not exactly. I'm just the only girl at home. Which means that there's only one me to manage five men. That's right. You sincerely read that right. Maybe. Anyways, I'm all alone because my Mom and oldest sister are in Chicago till Saturday. And my other sister has her own apartment far, far, far, far, far..... well you get the picture. So now I have to plan dinners for two more nights for five hungry (I mean Seriously hungry) men. Any idea's for a nice short dinner to make? Tonight I made Baked Spaghetti. It was pretty good, I do say so myself. And right now, I am typing this, for your happiness. And for mine. I am now getting to bed, cause I. Am. Tired! (I say in a very confident, but tired voice) Goodnight one and all, and a good night to you.

P.S. Just so you know, a hungry man, is an angry man.

Welcome to the mind of a seventh born

Hello peoples! This blog is be about me, Rachelle (of course), but that is already starting to sound boring, so I am going to also tell you about what goes on in my family of 10 people. Randomness is my second language, so don't think i'm weird if I change subjects a lot. :) Welcome, and enJOY! Also, before you look on and read more posts (or whatever), lets first get my name straight. It's pronouced Ra-shell. Not Rachel. Or Machelle. I know it MIGHT be a little hard for you remember, but it's French. That's why it's hard to pronounce. So I will be probably posting something about twice a week (?). Also keep up to date of some of the random pics I will put up of my family, in all of their funness, for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

P.S. And by the way, if you happen to have brothers, and you happen to hear the toilet flush followed with the words "Uh oh", then don't bother. It's probably too late.