Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Good Idea, or something else? -A partly true story- Part 3

When I had gone down, I felt around and found, to my surprise, a box of matches! Immediately figuring that the matches were down here for a reason, I felt around some more and found a torch of some sort. I lit it, and looked around. It was a dirt tunnel, that didn't seem to lead that far. Though it did turn to the right further up. I then heard my brothers' evil cohorts tromping around above me in the shed, so I instantly decided to walk on before they would find me down here. I had turned the corner when suddenly I heard some shouts from the shed! I figured that they had probably found the trap door, so I told myself to run. And run I did! I found out that my theory was true from the shouts I heard behind me. It wasn't long until they had discovered that I was ahead, and readily spurted their plastic BB's at me. But to no avail. For I was running in a zigzag formation, and they would get no straight target from me! I ran on until the tunnel suddenly turned to the left. I followed it, but I at once smashed into a thick dirt wall. I frantically looked around, but there was no escape! I sighed, knowing my doom and turned around to await my "death", while plunking a blueberry jellybean into my mouth. But, then I heard a voice, calling my name. And suddenly, I started to shake as if there was an earthquake. The voice called my name again, and then, I opened my eyes. It was my brother shaking me awake! He asked my if I wanted to play airsoft with him. I told him no, and he left. I was back on my bed, with my math book on my lap. I smiled, and popped a jellybean into my mouth. THE END! :)