Friday, April 23, 2010

A Super Wheeze Gone Bad, Maybe- A partly true story-Part 1

April 23, 2010: I was on my bed doing math, and eating jelly beans left over from Easter, when I heard from my window, the start of a BB gun war. That's when I got The super wheeze of the week. Why not open my window next to my bed, get a BB gun, and pop anyone that comes by? (You must know, that BB guns just shoot little plastic pellets, and only could harm you if you shot in the eye. But it is a rule in our house to ALWAYS wear glasses when playing with these "guns"). I immediately acted upon my thought. I snooped to my brother's room to "borrow" a BB gun from a drawer in his dresser. He had lots of guns, he wouldn't miss his smallest pistol. I pulled open his "gun" drawer and looked through. I found a couple of broken BB guns, a large one, and finally found what I was looking for. A small cheap pistol, but one that could do the job. I snooped back into my room, opened the window and pulled back the screen, popped a jelly bean into my mouth, and waited for my intended targets to come. While I waited, I thought of the satisfaction of a little surprised yell that would come of my popping them, and grinned wickedly. And so I waited. And waited. And waited. And no one came. After a while, I dejectedly hopped up onto the top bunk of my bed, where I was doing math, and kept on doing math, like a good little girl, with my BB gun at my side, of course. I sighed, thinking my super wheeze had gone bad. But wait! I heard shouts outside, maybe I will have my revenge, yet!
--Come back tomorrow (or maybe the day after), to see if I will get to have my final Revenge!!
Based on a partly true story of the: Rachelle's Revenge! series.


elizabohnet said...

I can see it



Wesley said...

HEY this is HAYDEN (evil witch sister\pirateer of cheap small pistols with the hope and\or ultimatum of searing pain and the never ending satanic gurglish this is mutiny! I declare tweason!!...aka WAR!!! take this, thou foul fiendish sister of doom!!!