Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Good Wheeze Gone Good-A Partly True Story- Part 2

Part 2: I hear yells of play outside, and immediately think, could this be my once in a lifetime chance for revenge?. I load my pistol to its max, fill my pockets with the rest of the jelly beans, and creep down the stairs and out the door. I slink into the bushes unnoticed, and watch for my predestined prey to walk unexpectedly in front of my plastic barrel. With my BB gun cocked and ready to go, a bird suddenly shot out of the bush, pulling a surprised yell out of me. "MOMMY!!" Just then, my intended prey walked into view and saw me, knowing nothing else that I could do, I quickly plonked him on the shoulder with a plastic pellet and ran off. The guy (who smelled incredibly of beef and cheese) quickly yelled to the whole neighborhood, letting everyone know that I was on the run, and that I had plunked him! I quickly ran to a field, with my brothers horde hot on my heels. I zigzagged so they wouldn't be able to shoot me, though they still tried. Finding nowhere else to hide in the flat field, I went into a shed that was close by. Unfortunately, one of the evil horde had seen me. I looked wildly about for some place to hide. Finding some boxes in the back of the shed, I quickly stumbled behind them, but wait. The floor was sounded hollow, and why was there a little hole in the floor? I quickly figured it out. It was a trap door! Frantically, I raised it and found steps leading down into darkness. Quickly closing the trap door behind me, I popped a jelly bean into my mouth, and walked down into the unknown.
-- What will I find down there? Come back tomorrow (or the day after) for part 3!
Based on a partly true story in the Rachelle's Revenge! series.

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