Tuesday, February 1, 2011


    Ever needed to pick something up, yet hate to bend down to get it? Or have you just hated to dig in your garden just for a tree? These are just some of the inventions that will take the world by surprise, making life much, much easier!  The first one up, is one for picking things up. Too tired to bend down to pick up something you've dropped? This invention is very easy to carry around, in your purse, or pocket. It is in the form of a gun, and by pressing the trigger, and long wire shoots out, with a clamp on the end. By cocking the gun, you will open the clamp, and you can proceed to put the clamp on the thing you want it to pick up. And then, by cocking it again, you will close the clamp. Press the trigger again to bring the item up to you, and voilà! You have your item that you have dropped, or needed!  
      Next, is another useful invention for gardeners. An electric shovel! Just take your extension cord out to your garden, plug it into the shovel, and turn it on. The shovel just "jumps" up and down, digging a deeper hole! Just make sure you have enough extension cords. 

     The next invention we will talk about is the scream reducer. Whenever you feel like screaming, just attach this scream reducer to your mouth, and scream as loud as you want. This implement is easily carried around in pocket, or purse. And it even has a rubber inside whenever you feel like chewing something up!

     Next is something that makes Everything better. A Butter stick! This stick of butter isn't just any regular stick of butter. It's just like chap stick that you can bring anywhere with you! If you're feeling down, just use this stick of butter you have in your pocket, or purse. Butter makes everything better. 

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Haley said...

That is really funny! A good idea. Can I have some of those inventions?