Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Princess and the......?

Two sisters decided to have a story contest. Morgen, the oldest of ten, and Lauren of eight. And so we begin with the oldest.
A story of a Ten year old:

     "Once upon a time, there lived a Prince who wanted to marry a Real Princess, but couldn't find one anywhere.
Well, it was a dark and stormy night, and the King and Queen heard a knock at their door. They opened it and saw a princess. She said-"
Lauren: "This is Princess and the Pea. It sounds like it."
Morgen: "No it isn't, keep listening.
And the Princess said, 'Please I'm really wet and I need somewhere dry and warm to sleep.'
Well the King and Queen didn't know if she was a real princess.
'I'm really a real princess,' she said.
So the King and Queen decided to see if she really was."
Lauren: "This is the Princess and the Pea!"
Morgen: "No it isn't, let me finish!
So the the Princess was dried and dressed into nice dry clothes. And she got all nice and dry.  And the King and Queen, to see if she was a real Princess, put 100 mattresses with a wet bathing suit at the bottom-"
Lauren [laughs]: "This Is the Princess and the Pea!! You lied!"
Morgen: "NO, It Is Not. You didn't hear what I said before, did you?? Well I'm going to start over, because this is Not the Princess and the Pea.
     Once upon a time, there was a prince who was lonely, and wanted to marry a real princess. One rainy night the King and Queen heard a knock on the door. They opened it and found a princess who asked if she could come in because she was all wet. 'I need a place to stay, and help me get warm.'
The King and Queen wanted to make sure she was a real princess, so they let her stay, and got her all dry and everything.
The Queen then put a 100 mattresses on top of A WET BATHING SUIT!"
Lauren: "Oh. It sounded a lot like the Princess and the Pea."
Morgen: "Yes, I can see how you'd get mixed up. But it's a wet bathing suit.
     So, the next morning, when the King and Queen saw the princess they asked, "How did you sleep?"
The Princess said, "Horrible! I felt all wet all over, even though I was dry. I thought i was drowning."
And the King and Queen knew that she was a real Princess. So Prince and the Princess lived happily ever after."  [Apparently they didn't get married??]

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