Friday, February 11, 2011

How one Creature can Defy the evolution theory

     I have always been passionate of learning where everything came from, and how God designed each creature to be just right. And since 1859 people have been embracing the evolution theory. Many now believe it only because they were taught it. But even others believe in the evolution theory because they want no affiliation with intelligent design, and the one true God.
     Dr. Jobe Martin was an all out evolutionist, and had just begun teaching at a college. After his first lecture of the evolution of the tooth (a process where fish scales migrated into the mouth, and became teeth over thousands of years), a couple of students had come up to Dr. Martin, and challenged his claims on evolution. They wanted him to study animals in a creation-istic way, which opened up a whole new world for Dr. Martin. He had begun to realize, after studying several animals, that there was absolutely no way these creatures could evolve everything it had. He realized chemicals didn't have information to make life, so where did these animals get it?
     Dr. Martin began thinking how you would get the information into the genes of these creatures. To have evolution, you got to have information. So for five years, Dr. Martin challenged himself on his belief in the theory of evolution. He had searched and searched for a way to explain how these creatures had evolved from a chemical, and gotten the information, but found nothing. Dr. Martin finally came to the conclusion that these creatures were designed and made by a supreme power. It began to move him from being a committed evolutionist, to a convinced creationist.
     All creatures on this earth are so complex, that even a small mussel can defy evolution. These mussels have an amazing skill to survive. In order for them to reach adulthood, they have to spend part of their lives, about six weeks, in the mouth of a host fish, a bass or a trout. These mussels will mimic different minnows or small fish, and by doing this, it will close itself almost all the way up. It will then begin to push its soft tissue out, making the soft tissue to look like a little minnow.

     Mussels must have a particular fish to come down and eat that particular minnow. A mussel will mimic a little minnow that will attract a bass. When the bass opens its mouth to grab the bait the mussel mimicked, and the spit second the fish opens its mouth, the mussel shoots its larvae and eggs right into it. These little eggs and larvae will attach itself to the fish’s gills, and that’s where they live as a parasite, or as a symbiotic relationship. These mussels drink the fish’s blood until they are big enough, and will drop off its gills, and grow.
    So how does this mussel know to mimic a particular type of motion, to attract a particular fish? Each mussel has a way to attract the fish by jerking certain ways, or having different artwork on it that looks like another little fish. How would evolution explain that? These mussels have to know the right fish to shoot their larvae and eggs into the fish’s mouth. Even when the fish opens its mouth to take bait, it is the quickest of snatches. How does the mussel know to time it just right to shoot the larvae and eggs inside?
     So many questions for just one small little creature, yet evolution has no way of explaining them. If the mussel was to evolve over thousands or millions of years, then how were they able to attract the certain fish they needed, with their mimic of the exact kind of minnows needed to be able to let their larvae and eggs live? How did they know what exact minnows they needed to mimic for their need? If evolution can explain how this animal got everything it needed by mindless chance processes, then you would wonder how they even could think it up. For each creature to be able to live and have their defense systems they would have to be created with a powerful Designer, the One living God.

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