Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life has come together into one big Kablam. This is why I have not written for such a long time on here. Because of big Kablams. So, with Summer, there came hardly any break. And I'll fill you in. 
     An older sister got ENGAGED! in May, and the wedding is set for October. This is the first person in our family to get this close to marriage. ;) And the first time I'll be a bridesmaid!
    This Summer a brothers' seizures suddenly picked up to having grand mauls (the biggest kind of seizure you can possibly have) at least once a week. The medication did not seem to be helping at all, so finally the doctor changed just the other week. Since then, though there have been several alarms, no seizure has occurred! Prayers have certainly helped.
     Also, several piano competitions had the audacity of letting me perform. I can say I did pretty well in all of them, but some of the judges didn't seem to think so highly of myself. (They're always like that) A friend and I, who've felt like we've been playing in competitions all Summer, have decided to write a book. It's called: "What Not to do Before you Play at a Piano Competition: Horror Stories From the Experts". It's still in the writing stage (actually we haven't really started), but we feel it's going to be a best seller. And we can get rich. And stuff. 
    So, what I've learned so far. 
Seizures: I've certainly learned how to deal with them. One thing to do? DO NOT call an ambulance if a person has a seizure, unless a serious injury has occurred because of it. And, when a person is having a grand maul, always put a cushion under their head, and roll them onto their back so they won't hurt themselves. See? I've learned. 
Weddings: .................................... Just trust God, ok?
Piano competitions: I'm the Bestest out there! No doud aboot it. 
So yes, I've really learned. 

Oh, and I've read a lot of books. Which means I'm awesome. And you can be too. If you read. And if you can't read this, that means you probably need to learn. Before summer's over.

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Phia said...

O Shelley...you make me smile really hard! +) Yes, I concur...reading books is awesome...!